Weekend in the Woods (pt. 2)

Hi everyone. I am back from camping. I thought you would like to see the rough conditions I camped in. It was tough.. 🙂

$80 / night for a max of 1 week.

Richardson Grove State Park, Garberville, CA.


The cabins are actually well insulated. They do have a bit of a draft that comes under the doors. That is easily fixed with a rolled up towel along the bottom. Each cabin is equipped with a base board heater in one of the rooms. This is enough to keep the chill of an overnight that got to the 50s away.


We took the two bed frames and put them in one room so we could have a king size bed. The frames are a full and a twin.


The counter worked great for us to store things, but we did no cook in the cabin. The weather was fantastic so we used our cook stove for breakfast (Coffee and steak and cheese omelets). We used the hibachi that was provided for grilling. And of course the fire pit was great for fires.


** The fire pit is on the other side of the picnic table.

Photos were taken with Samsung cell phone.

Richardson Grove web site:


To reserve a site:




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