Vermont Vacation

I had the opportunity to go home to Vermont to visit my Mother around Memorial Day 2017. I always love going home. Everything is so different than here in California. The green is completely different tone, and is everywhere.

This pair of pictures are of some flowers at my Mom’s. The picture on the left is the original, the one on the right is edited slightly.

This picture is of the shore of my mother’s pond. Again the left hand picture is the original, the right has been edited.

I am trying to make the picture pop, but not over do it. I am also practicing composition. The rule of thirds, Phi grid and the golden ratio.


phi grid photography composition

I am also looking for tools I can use during editing to help relate to these different approaches. I would like to find some way to overlay these different approaches over my pictures when I edit to see how to crop or adjust the picture. I struggle using my view finder to align my photos.

Image result for canon t5i viewfinder

The following pictures are of a Rugosa Rose. The left hand is the original photo and the right is edited.

I have not edited many pictures from my trip. Here are more flowers from around my Mom’s place.

Input is always welcome.

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